Recommended equipment for hiking in Madeira

Although there is no mandatory equipment for hiking on Madeira Island, you should take with you the basic equipment that is suitable for the hike you want to take. In this article we give you some tips of what you can take with you to enjoy the most of the walk.

The walks on the island of Madeira stand out for the great variety not only of the terrain, but also of all the surroundings, whether by the type of walk or the microclimates that you can find in the different points of the Island.

Our first recommendation is to bring suitable and comfortable footwear and clothing, considering the characteristics of the hike and the season of the year. While some walks can take place on a very dry and regular surface, other walks may have a more humid climate and, therefore, a more slippery floor.

In case of rain, falling water or changes in the weather conditions along the walk, the ideal is to take a raincoat and whenever there are tunnels, you must carry a flashlight, as the interior of the tunnels is not illuminated.

If the route is more open or has more exposed parts, such as the Vereda do Pico Ruivo, Vereda do Fanal or Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenço, for example, we recommend that you bring a cap and sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

In some cases and if you are used to it, you can also bring a walking stick to help you along the walk, especially if the walk is more inclined.

Food and drink

Here, we recommend you to bring in your backpack enough water and food or snacks, considering the distance and length of the walk, taking into account your needs as well. In terms of food, you can take with you your favourite snacks or light meals, such as sandwiches, nuts, fruit of the season, to provide enough energy for walking.

Other equipment

You may also take some light first aid supplies, such as bandages, wound disinfectant, and compresses.

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Joaquim Defesa
2018-06-13 07:20

Não pesam, não estorvam e pode ser muito úteis: um apito e um canivete.

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