Recommended walks for children

Walking through the Levadas of Madeira leads us to discover the natural wonders of the Pearl of the Atlantic, in its purest state. In this article, find out what are the best walks to enjoy with the kids.

The diversity of the various hikes make some paths more demanding and, therefore, less advised to carry out with the children. But the good new is that there are several amazing hikes that are great to walk in family.

Some recommended walks for kids


The translation of the name is “A path for everyone” and it is. Starting at Pico das Pedras, in Santana, this is a very short and accessible walk that can be done by anyone, to enjoy the nature until its end at the traditional and very known Casa das Queimadas.


A short path with an amazing end, at the viewpoint of Balcões, from where it is possible to have a panoramic view where some of the best known peaks of the Island stand out, such as Pico do Areeiro and Pico do Gato. Admire the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the company of Chaffinches, one of the most common bird species in Madeira.


Beginning in the Rabaçal area, this is one of the most beautiful routes, full of endemic species of flora and fauna of Madeira. At the end of the route you will find the waterfall and lagoon of Dona Beja, framed in a magnificent and peaceful space. Enjoy to take a picnic and absorb the good energy of nature.


Starting in the Santana area, one of the most characteristic and traditional of Madeira Island, this route takes the hikers on a fascinating adventure through the laurissilva forest of Madeira. In the end, the lagoons and waterfalls form an extraordinary environment to admire the beauty of nature.

LEVADA DO FURADO (PR10) – (Ribeiro Frio – Portela)

Undoubtedly one of Madeira’s best-known hikes, which is a bit longer and maybe requires more resistance. The path begins next to the Ribeiro Frio Trout Park, where children can meet a big amount of trouts of several sizes, and ends next to the portela viewpoint, where you can appreciate the iconic Rocha da Penha D’Águia.

Did this hike with my little 10 year young daughter and we managed it in 01h50 minutes with a lot of delays behind some slow elder German speaking tourists through the tight single track areas. Great bonding experience for my daughter & I. Highly recommended

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